The Ohaian Lay Missionaries (OLMs)
Chapter Four
Nature and Mission of the Movement
1. Our movement known as the Ohaian Lay Missionaries is an association of lay persons, both married and single,
• Who take the private vows of ( conjugal) chastity, poverty, obedience and charity to the Poor especially the young and vulnerable, and the sick elderly people, lived according to each one’s own state of life;
• With a life marked by prayer, penance and a spirit of abandonment to the Father, and of sacrifice within their families and the world, thus, consecrating the world to God through a personal witness to Christ, aided by a spiritual father who understands and shares the spirituality of Ohai and the Ohaian Missionaries.
• Who are intimately linked to the family of the Missionary Daughters of Fr Gilbert Ohai, founded by Rev Sr Maria- Consolata Regina Ekwelibe, and with whom they are spiritually affiliated;
• Who fully recognize the Magisterium of the church, respect and obey its ministers.
2. The spirit of the Ohaian Lay Missionaries is one of total abandonment to the will of God, humble readiness to serve after the example of Jesus and Mary wherever sent.
3. The aim of the OLMs is to lead all men to Christ by means of individual witnessing, catechesis and works of love, and annual profession of the four private vows according to the Statutes.
4. The special mission of the OLMs is to work for the sanctification and salvation of members of their own families and of the Poor in the riverine areas and the whole world:
• With their constant effort to transform their own families into the true domestic church of Christ by means of family prayer and works of love.
• Doing little things with extraordinary love and passion for Christ
• Sharing as far as possible the life and work of the Missionary Daughters of Fr Gilbert Ohai
• Loving and serving Jesus in the poor especially in the remote areas of the world
• Teaching catechesis, moral instruction and giving material help to the Poor according to their own means and spiritual comfort
5. The Patrons of the OLMs is the holy family of Nazareth, the model of Christian home and source of inspiration and Fr Gilbert Ohai,
6. The sign of the consecration is a simple medal which they receive at the beginning of the period of formation, and a crucifix is given at the time of first profession.
7. The mode of dress is simple and dignified, a sign of commitment to serving the poor and as an example of modesty for all. The Vows include the following:
The Ohaian Lay Missionaries is a community at the service of God and man.
The OLMs are called to give whole-hearted and free service to the Poor especially the abandoned and in remote areas of the world.
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To bring the young and vulnerable to Christ by recapturing that child-like innocence and sincerity in them through secular and moral education, and helping other less-privileged brothers and sisters especially the sick elderly ones.
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